An integral part of the analyses is the construction of regulatory networks involving genes found to have significant association with psychiatric disorders. These significant associations were determined through the co-localization of GWAS SNPs with eQTLs and isoQTLs, linked to the corresponding eGenes, together with the use of Hi-C and enhancer-target linkages. Additionally, networks were also generated based on gene modules found to have predictive value in the manifestation of psychiatric disorders. In this portal, we present interactive visualizations of some of these networks.



This network includes 321 genes found to have significant association with schizophrenia, as determined by two or more metrics among the following: direct assignment through the occurrence of SCZ GWAS SNPs in promoter/exonic regions; Hi-C linkage between regions with GWAS SNPs and promoters of genes; SNPs in enhancer regions linked to genes through ElasticNet analysis; eQTL associations; and isoQTL associations.



Target Genes

Transcription Factors

Network: Schizophrenia (SCZ) High-Confidence Gene Network SCZ Prioritized Modules
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